That’s why the blind can’t lead the blind. As Christians; we need God’s Light and Righteous paths to recognize when an action like blowing a house fuse will result in being exposed and controlled by the darkness. Notice; this only happens when we are already surrounded by darkness because that’s when we need to turn on the light. Metaphorically; we bask in the light from sunrise to sunset and are still active during the night until we go to sleep. But because we are and have been enlightened it affirms as stated; “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep, for the LORD, only makes me dwell in safety (peace, fulfilled, content) - Ps. 4:8. The act of indulging in sin’s dark ways eats away and destroys the image of God into corruption that was ordained for us which is highlighted by Jesus Christ and as stated; “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, and what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness; and what communion has light with darkness; and what accord has Christ with Belial (wicked leader of darkness); or what part has a believer with an unbeliever; and what agreement has the temple of God with idols” - 2 Cor. 6:14-17.

Why did God not place us on mars? After all, as stated; “And the Earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep” - Gen. 1:2. God had to make the Earth as designed for His image in mankind. So any planet would have been suited for this. He decided to make us breathe air and to make us dependent on the land for sustenance. To be guided and directed in life by the seasons; by signs in the Heavens. And not only to maximize the light but also to manipulate the darkness for our benefit and yes; for God’s Righteous causes. For as stated; “Even the night shall be light about me (and) indeed, the darkness shall not hide from You (God); but the night shines as the day, (and) the darkness and the light are both alike (subject) to You” - Ps. 139:11-12. God does not fear the darkness and so as His image; we ought not to be afraid but dominate the night. 

Jesus took on sin to destroy it from within! He has no physical residual effects of the nails and lance; a mark of bearing guilt and corruption, in His body. He remains not only the unblemished lamb of sacrifice but will remain for all eternity, the Light of Victory as the Lion of Judah. For the religious-minded, this seems to be in contradiction as stated by Thomas to believe; “Unless I see the nail marks in His hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe” - Jn. 20:24. This is because as stated by Jesus; “Do not cling to (taint) Me, for I have not yet ascended (been Gloried) to My Father’ - Jn. 20:17. 

The first world church took pagan holidays; adopted and altered them for the Christian Faith. Unfortunately; this good and political decision fell and remains short of becoming the Righteous marks for all; especially and including the fallen spirits that take the ignorant many to manipulate them into rituals that are abominations to God. For as stated; “can’t put new wine into old wineskins” - Matt. 9:17. Some say; “It's harmless and just for fun”. Yet; for God, this is not a game but a simple decision and commitment to choose as stated; “choose Life or death”; and “become the Righteousness of God” - Deut. 30:15; and 2 Cor. 5:21, respectively. It is a command for separation, Sanctification, and Holiness unto God. These so-called harmless participations are just like trying gateway drugs that eventually lead one to suffer, debasement, and ultimately death. 

Halloween is the most common and the epitome of satanic observances that the carnal mind only see as thrilling not only for their children but for each other as they imitate and take on the very nature of these proponents of darkness which is really a spiritual acclamation into demonic influences and bondage of the curse, death and resulting ultimately as stated; “wailing (groaning) and gnashing of teeth” - Matt. 13:42. It is not harmless!  

For what is done in the physical is ordained in the spiritual with impacts in our daily and future lives. You cannot live in the Light as it suits you and taste the forbidden fruits of darkness without altering and mutating one’s DNA-image of the body, mind, and spirit. A parent cannot choose Life and then involve their children in death rituals without both bearing consequences in the spirit and physical worlds as stated; “(anyone) that gives any of his seed (offspring) unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death, (and) the people of the land shall stone him with stones; (for) I (God) will set my face (will) against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he has given of his seed unto Molech (idol for child sacrifice), to defile My Sanctuary, and to profane my Holy Name” - Let. 20:2. Rituals like this are gateways for demonic influences just like dressing up representing evil, fairies, or the dead on Halloween. To be clear; sacrifice is not synonymous with cold-blooded murder but often is a tribute of worship of one’s best to a deity. The participation of releasing one’s children to act and be subjected to the insidious darkness of Halloween is a tribute to the fallen spiritual forces that revel and sustain its satanic foundations. It's a gateway for demonic influences and worst possessions that can follow them throughout their lives. For as stated; “But if your eye is evil, your whole body shall be full of darkness” - Matt. 6:23.

Spiritual Awakening

Oct. 20, 2020.

We own the night!

Flush it Out! - “And the Light shines in (pierces) darkness, and the darkness comprehended (contain) it not” - Jn. 1:5.  

God took what would be considered satan’s domain and injected light and His Glory to set markers for us to do the same. He did this in Genesis when only darkness enveloped the Earth as stated; “Light be!” - Gen. 1:3. And He did it again to ultimately destroy satan’s yoke of the curse when by His Glorious Light; He resurrected Jesus from the very pit of hell. And not being satisfied did it with pop and stance with a parade to mock satan affirming as stated; “You (God) set a table (of delights) before my enemies (to their jealousy)” - Ps. 23:5. God will go where He pleases and through Jesus; by His example so can we. God is of the past, present, and always the future! The darkness is constantly running before Him as His Light dawns on its horizon.

But before we can jump into the roaring lion’s den with all enthusiasm as a child plunders their Christmas presents. We must not only by Faith take the Word and wear the Armor of God, but also be the reality of His Spirit in actions and words. And although it is our right; many Christians cannot face the darkness, engaging it and come out shining with the Light of God’s Anointing unscathed by its smell of smoke. This is because they have not disowned everything of the curse, unrighteousness, and remained steady with their affiliation to God and His Word. They remain lukewarm and therefore political with their manmade faith.

No matter how many times one confesses Jesus is Lord and Savior. If this foundation is not built upon with eternal components and maintained in good and bad times. These individuals self inflict their own detriments remaining in the shadow of the Light engulfed by its darkness; rather than come out from the shadows and dwell in the Light of scrutiny and set a mark for darkness to take note. Jesus and Apostles like Paul could not hide from the darkness. And because of this; the darkness did all it could to kill, steal, and destroy their beacon of Light to the world. The darkness feared them in reaction and the Light of God’s Glory that was shown through them. The darkness is essentially chaos in mindless action that is revealed from those blinded by its lusts for power, recognition, and prideful status quo. These men of God by their Righteous deposition and humble mindset; drove out the darkness dispelling its contagious fear of horror, death, and bondage wherever they went. But the darkness would return if those who embraced the Light did not maintain or build upon it to become beacon themselves

When the Godly image is renewed, maintained, and elevated by the Holy Spirit; we no longer care what the world, darkness, or satan try to impose on us; but in fact, we thrust on satan; the Light of God as stated; “When the Righteous (God’s image) are in authority (command), the people rejoice” - Prov. 29:2. The difference is as a Righteous Christian; we are in correct alignment in God’s order and will, which was intended in the Garden with the two Trees. Where Jesus; the Tree of Life is eaten; acquired, or accepted first in obedience, followed by the Spirit; the Tree of Knowledge which is the Anointing. This is affirmed by as stated; “I (Jesus) am the Truth, Light, and Way (for Life)”; and; “The Holy Spirit comes to reveal all Truth (for Knowledge)” - Jn. 14:6, and Jn. 16:13, respectively. The Anointing is what empowers us to as stated; “Sit at My (God’s) right hand until (while) I make your enemies (of darkness) a footstool (place) for your feet (to wipe on)” - Acts 2:35. You can’t access God Righteously unless you observe and respect protocol just as going through the ambassador of a country to see the king.

Some time ago a pastor exclaimed, “Why would a Christian (or anyone) buy a black colored car”? Alluding that the color represents the darkness in the world and therefore satan. It is really sad and disturbing that some in the Body are superstitious and have a fear of something that by its very nature is God made. God made black or the absence of light as stated; “And God called the firmament Heaven” - Gen. 1:8. Which are the sky and the Universe. This is another metaphor that despite and regardless of the darkness (night) there will always be Light represented not only by the moon but innumerable stars of light. God is always available in the darkness! It is also interesting that it is the moon’s light and its movements that indicate and reveal God’s hand for His purpose, plan, and people; including Blood moons; all under the cloak of and in the presence of darkness. Often, this is when God’s Power, Control and Glory speaks to and demonstrates the progress of His eternal redemptive goal for man. To truly become His Righteousness and image of His Person, Kingdom, and Son, Jesus Christ. This is what it means to a Christian as stated; “Bless (honor, worship, praise) you the LORD; all you servants (Christians) of the LORD, which by night (in darkness) stand in the House (Glory) of the LORD” - Ps. 134:1. No matter how dire your circumstances by satan’s fear-mongering. When we look in Faith to God; His Glory will not only be our defense but our vanguard against the darkness that tries to engulf us.

Jesus may have conquered the grave’s darkness but until He was completely regenerated by God’s Light, He bore the marks of death which would disappear when He became Gloried as stated; “For the Trumpet will sound, and the dead (saved) will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed (into God’s Righteous image)” - 1 Cor. 15:52. This will happen because God’s Glory will be once and for all revealed when Jesus; the true perfect Light-bearer of God’s Glory disperses the darkness at His coming thereby burning away and cleansing all remnant of the curse internally and externally from the Christian’s bodies, minds and, spirits. When Jesus like others before Him was resurrected from the dead; there is a level of corruption because ultimately the flesh retains marks of the curse. This can be inferred. When the saints died before and after Christ were resurrected like Lazarus they still died going back to the grave. Earthly resurrection is temporal but spiritual resurrection is eternal. This is why those who once were blinded by the intrigue of tattoos can be saved but will not bear these stains in Heaven and their new lives because all marks of corruption will be burned off by the Light of God’s Glory. 

No other standard, but Jesus will do for God’s purposes and our proxy. And because Jesus became like us as a fallen man on the cross; we are now seen with God’s Grace; as covered by His Son’s Blood. It is only when we sin; that the mark of the curse and the stain of disobedience, exposes us to death as with the Egyptians firstborn. When this happens, we become alien to Him for His provision, protection, and providence. God cannot compromise His Righteousness and therefore ours, just for the indulgence of the corrupt flesh; often by the ignorance of sin. For as stated; “prove yourself an approved student (servant) of God (Righteousness)” - 2 Tim. 2;15. God’s declaration of “Light be'' was also His spoken seed for the fallen man to rid the darkness of their disobedient nature by and through the Blood of Jesus as stated; “I (Jesus) am the Light of the world, (and) he that follows Me shall not walk (venture) in darkness (unrighteousness), but shall have the Light of Life (Righteousness)” - Jn. 8:12. His Blood; a writ of authority to the invading and illegal army of satan’s darkness for Christians to invoke and apply! 

He, satan was on the Earth before God decided to place a man on it and was preparing man to do the same in the Garden but was unable due to their disobedience resulting in fear. God knew where they were hiding and not showing themselves. God states; “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the Tree (of Knowledge), that I commanded you not eat?“. To understand why they were naked is not simply that they lacked clothes as stated; “they sewed fig leaves to cover themselves”. Before the disobedience, as stated; “Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame” - Gen. 2:25. Being spiritually naked is the resulting consequence of sinning in disobedience to God. Both acts are symbiotic when done on purpose! This causes the Glory covering to vacate our body, mind, and spirit as if our identity, center, and confidence are lost resulting in uncertainty, wavering, and fear. Just as if we moved from the sunroom to a dark closet. All our senses of perception would be affected. 

The average church as a whole has done little in building up their flock to face the darkness and also has lacked demonstrations to each other and the world in the defeat of the darkness on the ground that they have claimed and those outside of it. A church is like our temple and is where there should be the absence of darkness and only the Light of God as stated; “no one light a candle and puts it under a basket” - Matt. 5:15. Too many of the Body only treat the church as a refuge for forgiveness, mercy, and blessings; as well as living with the sinner’s mind as with the Old Tabernacle rather than the reestablished and renewed Tabernacle that is and afforded by Jesus Christ. For as stated; “You shall not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness” - Ps. 91:5-6. We are not saints for a day but for all time! It makes no sense to revere God and His Son during seasons of Light like Easter; only to look forward to, plan, and get excited over the season of darkness during the observance of Halloween and others like it that keeps its roots of satanism. 

God created and placed man for His right to remove satan’s illegal occupation of the Earth. This has always been His vision! To demonstrate to Lucifer and all of those who betrayed Him that He is sovereign over all before Him. That, by His image; they will reveal His dominance even though the man by all comparison is inferior and limited. Halloween is not the secular participation in excessive indulgences harmful to one’s body but it is the spiritual front line of satanic aggression and activity. A cover by darkness to advance their evil plans of rituals to kill, steal, and destroy with fallen principalities, powers, and thrones for the curses’ dominion by fear over mankind. This is why there should be no middle ground but only the Righteous offensive by the Light bearers against the darkness taking ground; house by house; street by street, and tower by tower. And as God demonstrates; to not only own the night (darkness) but remove it as stated; “And there shall be no night (darkness) there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the LORD God gives them light, and they shall reign forever and ever” - Rev. 22:5.