He teaches me life has more meaning and satisfaction than just the physical things. That I have a family of brothers and sisters on a global scale and that He loves all equally and I should help the weak, edify those who face challenges and work with the strong. He gives me others as examples to learn from on what matters to Him and what He hopes I will grow into. He teaches me to be fair, not hypocritical, fight for justice, to be bold and confident, to always have hope, be equitable and have no bias, be generous, have a sound mind, no fear and be ready to fill any role as a priest, servant, teacher or leader as required; and to have integrity, honor and nobility and be diligent in all things. Ps. 68:5, Matt. 6:1, Jm. 1:27, Pet. 1:17.

He watches over me to see that no harm comes to me. Just like any parent, He observes all that I am doing; ready to step in when I am extending my reach too far; like a toddler trying to climb onto a high chair. He wants to secure me so I can attain my goals and feel good about myself. He is tenacious to save me from my enemies, without taking away His gift of free will. In protecting me, He often insists on certain things, knowing that sometimes my decisions are bad and no good will come from it. He always provides an alternate solution that keeps me under His wing and within His tower of strength. He even fights for me, when I am unable and is being bullied. Gen. 28:15, Is. 41:10, Ex. 14:14, Matt. 6:8. 

Who is Abba? When we all come face to face with Him before or after Jesus returns; will it be as a caring Father or as a judgemental God. Our expectation of His deposition may have more to do with our own perspective of Him.He is God and deserves our worship, praise, and reverence. But as we seek Him, much more of His person is revealed. We know Him by several names that describe His stature and abilities. Some of the known names with meanings include:

  1. Yahweh - Lord
  2. Elohim - Strength
  3. El Shaddai - Almighty 

The most common and limited name used by all is God. Yet, this does not describe the many facets of His sovereign rule, and as our Abba, who constantly shows Himself to be caring as a father is, rather than a ruler who is impatient with His servants or slaves. Our own limited imagination of Him characterizes Him as being in a white robe with a full body, white beard and hair with a deep voice; who has glaring blue eyes. A very creative mind at best limited by their interpretations, surroundings and biases. Yet, in His eyes, only the heart, mind, and spirit matters, not the physical or intellect. As Father; His will is for His children to know Him and reflect His traits, just like a normal father who wants to see his life, thinking and characteristics; has made a difference and will continue through his children. Our Father in Heaven wants to have a divine family that would have a relationship with Him and be a legacy - Gen. 1:27, "created in His image". The word image, used from an eastern perspective would suggest more than a physical copy, but more an inner reflection of core values, an exact duplication, like a mirror image with no alterations or blurring. Sadly, for most we see the "negative" aspects of His person; where He is to be feared because of His terrible side and we must be subservient so as to avoid His wrath.  

The bible reveals many aspects of God including several references either directly or indirectly of His intent towards us as a Father, who has deep concerns for His children and their life. The best example of how the Father is in Luke 15; where the father shows his heart at the return of his son, despite any disappointments or unworthiness on his part. The Father has chosen us and it does not matter our disposition, mistakes or flaws; His agape love for us will never change.  This shows how intimate He wants to be with us with each one of our lives. His will is not to have a one solution for all, but a specific, unique and special relationship with each of us with purpose, where He becomes our Abba, and we look to Him on an intimate level. To appreciate this and understand the biblical examples; we too must be intimate and accept His will; as a child to father relationship and perspective. This is who my Abba is.

The Empowered Christian Faith

He is consistent in His person, never wavering on his plans for me because He knows best. He is big on trust and constantly show that I can trust Him. He never stops being a Father, knowing because of His experience and abilities can guide me through all my challenges and adversities, all the time being with me. He guides me back even when I don't know I have deviated. He is eager for me to finish my race with all flying colors and has prepared for me a celebration party to share in my triumph. He is planning every detail, just for me and for my joy. Rev. 3:21, Col. 1:12, Jm. 1:17, 1 Cor. 2:9. 

He made me not only in His image but has given me unique traits and abilities, because He specifically has called me for an assignment, He ordained and that I am charged with doing. He has a place just for me whether I am short, tall; weak, strong; a thinker, or a doer. He has given me wisdom, knowledge, understanding and gifts. He does not force me, but encourages me to take my responsibilities. He is supportive as long as I am willing; being more interested in my availability rather than my abilities. He does not give and then take away, but teaches just as a muscle or talent; without constant use, will die and fade away. 1 Chron. 28:6, Eph. 1:3, Eph. 1:17, 1 Tess. 3:11. 

He gives me every opportunity to be my best self but is waiting and willing to correct me in my mistakes. He does this to show His care and love for me. He does this with patience and longsuffering, knowing that I eventually will make the right choices because of His guidance. He is like a gardener who understands the growth of a seed; requiring constant attention until the root begins to support the young plant; pruning anything that hinders strong growth and then eventually just needing encouragement to take its place in the world becoming strong and firm against all adversity. 2 Sam. 7:14, 1 Chron. 17:13, Heb. 12:6, Rev. 3:19. 

He loves when I succeed and revels in my accomplishments, always being there as my biggest supporter. He does this by reminding me of who I am in Him. A son or daughter of His Kingdom. He knows my limitations but believes in me; and that I can do all things with Hope, Faith, and determination and that with Him I can overcome and conquer all. He is like a coach or mentor waiting to see that spark in my attitude to win and then He never stops adding fuel to my actions. Always ready to advise on a better and more successful way, so I can win on my own power, building all the time my character as a person. Matt. 5:16, Matt. 5:48, 1 Tess. 3:11, Phil. 1:3.

Our Father who art in Heaven is how Jesus started as He taught us how to pray - Matt 6. One might have expected that praying or speaking to an almighty and omnificent being would cause one, to invoke words such as "most terrible and destructive, greatly to be feared and all powerful". What Jesus demonstrates to us is a personal relationship with a being that no one at that time and even now has little or no experience to speak of. And yet, Jesus in speaking to His apostles seems to be a bit sarcastic, as He tells them if you see me (Jesus), you see the Father; surprised at them that they did not know the Father. It's like having a nephew who is the splitting image and mannerism of his father, your brother. Just like the father, is the son! For some of us, we only think that Jesus is the Son of God and that is why He alone can refer to God as His Father. He is the only person who can have a personal relationship.

In Acts 13:22, David is called by God, "a man after my own heart". Another way to say this is, "David is a reflection of all that I Am". In David's younger life, he always sought God; his Abba from a personal relationship. He did this, by spending time in reflection and mediation on who his God is. He had the Old Testament which has a lot of God's wrath; yet he was able to see pass those things and see God has a caring and loving Father. David showed honor, respect, reverence, obedience and love to his God - his Abba; acknowledging His person, as someone to trust, have faith in; and have an unhindered relationship with by seeking forgiveness. Just like David; He is ready for a relationship with us. So much so, according to Gal. 4:6,"He has sent His Spirit into our hearts, so we can cry Abba, Father" to Him.

There is so much more about our God, but what is certain; He is our Father and we are His sons and daughter; heirs to His Kingdom. Whatever our personal experience with your biological father; our Father has more patience, tolerance, generosity, compassion, and love to give in so many ways. He is the ultimate Daddy. His personal plan for each one of us is from the foundations of the earth and His desires for us is beyond anything we can dream or think of. Like earthly fathers, He does have disappoints and can be very stern with us, because He knows our potential and abilities. He also knows our desires and want to fulfill them. He is not a weak father and does not compromise His standards and statues for anyone or anything, which makes Him consistent and trustworthy - Mal. 3:20. He is the creative force behind our life; our provider, protector, and mentor. He is our Abba!

Flush it Out! - The bible, a book about a Father and His children.

Spiritual Awakening

March 8, 2016.


He listens to me. Not only for all that I desire but the things that may trouble me. He directs and provides comfort from His Word and Spirit and sometimes gives me a sense of elation and peace. He does not condemn me or give me a tirade whenever I have given Him cause for concern but is always ready to help me and quick to place me back into His life and family. He is building a mansion for me with things for me to survey and call my own. Ps. 103:13, Mk. 14:16, Lk. 6:36, 2 Cor. 1:3.