Flush it out ! No one achieves true victory without sacrifice. Don't just make the finish line, but vigorously cross it !

To be RESOLUTE is to work towards

while making a DECLARATION is to establish.

Jesus Christ - Son of Man, Word made flesh, Son of God

Cover Letter
To use all I all been given in the pursuit of the goals and purposes as directed. A deep focus to accomplish my tasks,
while maintaining the standards set and uplifting those I work with.

Positions Held - Light Bringer, Champion of Truth, God's Ambassador.

Experience/Skills -
Conflict Resolution - Ability to listen and clearly identify issues, applying solutions.
Leadership (independent) or Servanthood (team player) role by keeping in focus the purpose of the task.
Oral and physical demonstrations to motivate, set standards, goals and scheduling through charisma, people skills and understanding of individual needs.
Organization and team building skills
Able to perform under pressure, even went confronted by opposition, ignorance and deception.
Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.
Confidence and Faith.

Accomplishments - Hope, Purpose, Victory.
References - The Bible, My Blood, All Christians.

Like all declarations, it is helpful to surround yourself with a mentor, coach, to guide and support your commitment. This is part of being empowered, not thinking one can do it on one's own strength. Jesus gave us the perfect person to do this, the Holy Spirit (Matt. 10:20; John 15:23; Luke 11:13); who has direct access to God Himself. So if you intend to make resolutions instead of declarations, be mindful the former keeps you a part of the crowd as does tradition, while the latter separates and brings the victories the Bible and Faith assures.

Jesus did not make resolutions (intent, plan, pledge), but declarations ( pronouncement, proclamation, edict); and one of His most ardent one is declared in Matt. 10:34; where He proclaims a "sword", used as a metaphor to separate, distinguish and divide. He wasn't working towards this, but would be establishing it. As Christians, if we are the same at the end of the year 2015, with no accomplishments (personal or otherwise, especially within the Christian context) or no new goals for 2016, we are no different than the world and we should reflect on ourselves, on having the Mind of Christ. A few questions to test this is; do you sit in the same spot (area) in your church every Sunday; do you check your watch to see if the pastor is keeping within the allotted time for service and has your influence within your circles improved or remained the same. Probably, the most important standard of measurement in your walk for Christ is how more bolder you are about your faith. Jesus was active, proactive and never missed an opportunity to speak/demonstrate the word and love of God.

Change first starts in our mind, and having the Mind of Christ (God's/Jesus's ways of doing things), ultimately means we are to develop and apply His abilities/anointing when He walked the earth for we already have them (Eph. 1:3). Christ in three years of ministry demonstrated the embodiment of Christianity. He gave us the examples, belief and authority and foretold in John 14:12; we will do "greater works" than He did. We have been given the same anointing (skills, abilities) as Jesus. f Jesus had a resume while on earth, it may read something like:

These and other attributes of His Life reflects on who and whose we are to declare God's will whether at home, work, church, play or ministries. Jesus had to be committed (a declaration) and implement (belief to accomplish the declaration) God's purpose to draw people to Him and ultimately point them to the Father and to drive the wedge between failure/compromise and winning/victory; (Matt. 5:16, 45; Matt. 10:20; John 14:9). Jesus had an earthly spiritual mission and His implementation was at the physical level but not limited to it. In other words, nothing spiritually was accomplished without first addressing physical issues and manifesting solutions that resolved and paved the way for hope, belief and conviction and for others to duplicate. His purpose was not to overpower us with a show of God's awesome abilities, thus making Victory seem unattainable for us. What He demonstrated and re-established, is that Christians, in our current physical state have access to spiritual skills/abilities/gifts just as Jesus to impact our environment, the world; through victory after victory. We just need to put in practice all He taught and establish the Kingdom through Faith, Grace and the Word.

Christians are to rid themselves of all the lies and deceptions of satan since Adam fell and come to the realization that once Jesus ascended into Heaven; He commissioned us to be the standard for all aspects of the human body, mind and spirit. Jesus, after commissioned by God by the anointing, disciplined His mind, body and spirit by fasting for forty days in the wilderness; and through His ministry kept His abilities through prayer, mediation, knowledge and the spirit. We have 365 days to discipline, declare and apply our faith.

Now to be clear, there is more than what's outlined here and being committed to Godly positive changes in our life is ultimately in our hands and no one else. One of our first declaration should be is to "Seek the Kingdom" whole heartily, and not just rely on Sunday's 30 minute bible summaries, and by energizing ourselves to be curious, dedicated and committed to know God's word and walk by Faith in it, all the while making declarations to have the "Mind of Christ".

Spiritual Awakening

The Empowered Christian Faith

January 1, 2016.


As 2016 starts, tradition dictates we set new year resolutions. For most of us, we will be resetting the goals made at the beginning of 2015 if any at all. Whether these goals was to lose weight or some other goal. For the most part, we go through the motions not really expecting much to change just like all traditions, like turkey on Christmas Day. It is these traditions that keep us all comfortable and participating enough not to have eyebrows raised or make an impact on those around us. Traditions are good to give stability, reference and history, but tends to fall short on progress and improvements. Should tradition control or we control.