hrist became for us the ultimate sacrifice of love. To give one's Blood so that others may live. No greater love exists! When Jesus was born a man, He was not aware of His commission because He walked in obedience to the Father’s plan to enter the world lower than even the Angels and be helpless having no choice but to surrender to the world with only the Spirit as His guide.
eaven rejoiced for the Word’s obedience to the Father, for He gave His only begotten Son knowing very well many would not receive Him and demonstrated His agape love for mankind and kept His promise to those who cried for a Savior. Heaven watched with all anticipation of Jesus’ birth and did all to protect it knowing His birth would signal God’s plan to place the man in judgment of angels.

ighteousness is Christ’s birthright and placing His divinity aside, He surrendered for the faithless and disobedience of sin. Jesus saw His future from the old prophets writings and still with all tenacity, sought to fulfill His call even though He had Angels at His disposal. He accepted His life and journey to start from the beginning as any ordinary man would have to.

n Him was found no sin but by sacrificial love, He took on the sin of the world and subjected Himself to pain, mocking and to the crucifixion for those who not only loved Him but especially for those who hated Him. As a man, sin had no way with Him because His was a Spiritual walk tied to the Father in every aspect of His life and future.

anctified for the Blood Sacrifice on the altar of sin, He complained neither to His sentence nor of those who crucified Him, but as the true King, forgave them who pierced Him to make complete His sacrifice through His hands, feet, and side so that perfect order would be re-established between God’s sovereignty, His Throne, Kingdom and the Earth.

hieves were His company considered least in any kingdom but by mercy, compassion and nobility He demonstrated His Royal Blood given for them. Jesus, the Son of man declared as the Son of God with mercy and compassion Salvation for the good thief in Faith.

en honor Him with lips but He with a heart of Righteousness walked His Faith for all who longed to be freed from the slavery of sin, traditions, and cultures. He gave of His wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Kingdom including His time, spirit, and life. Jesus was and is the perfect example of what we all ought to be; obedient to God, living the Word by the Spirit and come to that place where Salvation is seen through and given by us for the Salvation of others.
mazing Grace is God’s care for us who by disobedience did not trust His Word but by His Word brought back to us who had fallen by inheritance His presence not only in Spirit but with flesh for our gain having no benefit to His Throne except through His sovereignty kept us to be of His family for His good and Righteous sake. God’s will for mankind is embodied in Jesus’ birth and revealed through His life and completed in His death.
pirit He was before becoming man and by Spirit was He led to become the first of His kind to be seated in Heaven; one of many who by His birth, life, death and resurrection will be called a son or daughter of God and inherits the everlasting Kingdom of Righteousness. All Jesus did was for us and with the right spirit do we recognize all He did in His life and by Revelation do we grow up into becoming more Christ-like having the Father dwell with us as He did.

Letters to the Faithful.

There is the saying there is nothing new under the sun, of course, this is not really true as man through technology and science are discovering many previously hidden treasures on and in the world both under the seas and in the earth. In Heaven, there is nothing new for God foreseeing the future already established all that is needed for tomorrow, today. For God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The Christmas story is exactly that. Prepared before the foundations of the Earth; the Word would become for man a need and want that neither science nor technology could make, duplicate of even envision. Which man before Christmas Day had the will and the power to do what only God could ordain; that by Spirit would life come and with that same Spirit be nailed to a tree only to rise from the grave. But that is the Christmas Story. A Spirit became flesh to demonstrate by example God’s unconditional love for mankind and ultimate sacrifice to give one’s life for another. God chose the man over Jesus who without His obedience unto death would have left us with darkness, pain, and gnashing of teeth. Christmas Day was the beginning of our Salvation and not the “Via Dolorosa” - The Stations of the Cross. So whenever this annual celebration comes around it should be treated with every reverence and joy and be given the reflection it deserves.

Christmas Day is Christ’s celebration day set aside for Jesus and not the world. However one chooses to observe this day, it should make Jesus as the main central theme. Not to be a chore or a compliance to do, but with humility how the wise men demonstrated. Yes, they had a physical child that they could see and even touch the first Christmas child, but by Jesus’ own Words, “greater is he who sees by Faith rather than by sight”, must we acknowledge Him. So, let us honor our King with Faith and with every Grace made available to us this Christmas Day and accept the one and only gift from God for our Salvation to be lived out daily until Jesus’ returns not as a child or even as a man, but as the Most High Lord of Righteousness.

Flush it Out! - Christ first; mass second.

Dec. 24, 2016.

A Christmas Story.

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