Spiritual Awakening

​​​​​​We have to prepare for something. From the perspective of Christian’s this is the return of our King; Jesus Christ. I remember in my youth after dedicating myself to Jesus and God my mind somehow saw Jesus coming on white clouds so much so I wrote a poem which is summarized here; "Rejoice! Rejoice! On clouds of white, Jesus comes for me!". I must have heard this from my bible lessons and with vivid imagination see Jesus riding the clouds. Many Christians today are preparing for His return and with eager anticipation, when Jesus will come to separate His sheep from the goats. But do you know the moment you became a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ, you became a Heavenly prepper whether it was good or bad days. The life of a Christian is putting away the old and transforming into the new; of shedding the useless and establishing things that will not perish - Matt. 6:19-20. And as we get closer to the very last days, all the more we have to make sure we have established our plans, methods, and essentials for this major event. An event that is both fearful and righteous at the same moment. While some will be screaming, crying and hiding others will be rejoicing, praising and be elevated into a new reality.

Our prepping for Jesus should be from a holistic perspective looking to live a life that is closely reflective of His. To do this we need a few essentials including the Word, Faith, and Expectation.

The Word or the bible not only gives us our identity in Christ; as the sons and daughter of God, but outline what to expect as a Christian in but not of the world. It gives our past, present, and future and must be considered our greatest treasure even before food - Deut. 8:3. A worldly prepper has many things they need but cannot do with only one essential thing. For the Christian, all we need is God’s Word. When we place His Word above all, then God takes care of the rest - Matt. 6:26. Where worldly preppers are constantly fearful of things not yet manifested, the Christian should be at peace knowing our relationship with God surpasses every other thing in this world and beyond.

Faith is without a doubt necessary to live this life whether Christian or of the world. When we see all the terrible things that happen around and to us, we need to be able to look to a beacon of hope. That hope is Jesus; His past, present and future work. Someone who depends on themselves has already lost the battle and by this very action will live in fear constantly. The truth is no one can do it all on their own and cannot depend on even blood relationships to be there in their time of dire need. God has said, "only by Faith can we please Him" - Heb. 11:6, and those who walk by Faith can have the confidence that God, Jesus and the entire Heavenly community of angels, Spirit and host will be available to all who call upon His name to be saved. Worldly preppers have limited supplies, but the Faithful has unlimited power, principalities, and Holy Spirit sent for their benefit - Heb. 1:14.

Expectation is not about coincidence but knowing that despite every uneasy feeling in our bodies, our souls and spirits is the knowledge, understanding and wisdom that our God is in control of all. He framed the world and Heavens for one sole purpose and that is to start, enjoy and cherish a family of men and women; not lower than the angels but equal to His only begotten Son, Jesus; so much so we already have a place in the Heavenly throne - Eph. 2:6. The worldly prepper can only see all the life, beauty and light of the earth gone and for them they expect a reality of hiding, sneaking and forging to survive on a daily basis, knowing that if they don’t kill; they will be killed. Death is full of regret and fear for them, but for the Heavenly prepper, death is only the transition into a better and glorious life. - 1 Corth. 15:55.   

Heavenly preppers are people who seek towards perfection in their thought, spirit and body life by achieving a balance in these areas. The best example of this is from Jesus who demonstrated “work-life balance” by understanding and using all that was given and made available to Him. He just like us was Heavenly minded but earthly bound doing all to prepare for His Heavenly retrieval. We must remember we are only passing through this life and are visitors not to have any sorrow for lost of things and even love ones (if they are saved) because all will be restored once we have arrived in Heaven.

Consider the worldly prepper mindset compared to the Heavenly prepper.

  1. They are hoarders; storing up essentials such as food, clothing and weapons. The Heavenly preppers are givers, knowing that the more they give, the more they receive. We do this not only because God demands it but for the Spiritual and even physical benefits of generosity keeping our bodies, mind and Spirits at peace. Someone once said, when you give, rather than steal you don't need to look behind you constantly.  
  2. The worldly prepper keeps all knowledge to himself and is suspicious of anyone while the Heavenly prepper shares wholeheartedly any wisdom, knowledge or understanding of the world or Heaven. The survivalist is more concerned about having an edge over someone so he is not weakened, whereas Christians, the unity between us has more importance and equal knowledge strengthens Christianity.
  3. To be a worldly prepper you have to be a loner to keep yourself under the radar and shun others and society to protect yourself. But for the Heavenly prepper, we are the light of the world, eager to be given the opportunity to be exposed and to belong to a community. We are not concerned with protecting ourselves for our God does a better job at it than we could ever do ourselves.
  4. Most worldly preppers have a “bug out” plan where once things and society collapses they look to retreat to their hideout. The Heavenly prepper has been given a sure plan without no flaws or dependencies and is not limited by circumstances such as their location, traffic or weather. For the worldly prepper, they have no control over these things and it will not matter whether you are inside or outside the city; they will be surrounded by chaos, disarray, and fear which is bound to affect any of their plans.
  5. Worldly preppers have to constantly gain knowledge and techniques on survival. What to eat; how to preserve and filter water, air, and even food for consumption. They also have to learn about technology, use, and applications of weapons and explosives.  The only thing Heavenly preppers need to learn is all contained in one book; the bible. Every other knowledge is given to us by the Holy Spirit and the best part is it does not change, upgrade or require special education or abilities to learn and apply.
  6. The man or woman that is affected by fear, looking to survive more than likely have to be prepared to live inside a windowless container deep in the ground, off the grid and where any form of radiation saturation will not affect them. Their location will be in the wilderness and will not see any nature or have the ability to breathe fresh air or renew the mind and body with their senses interacting with color, sound or touch. For the Heavenly prepper, our next abode will be filled with light and all manner of heightened Spiritual and physical senses. We will not be contained or have mundane days and our lives will be productive with purpose. We will see changes instantaneously as we travel from place to place; season to season.

No matter what a man think he can do, God can do far above him. The moment Adam lost the birth-right; God started His plans for his creation to become Heavenly preppers. God has no limit to His purpose but man is limited to dependencies which sooner or later will fail him. Our lives as Christians, orators of Jesus' message have been one preparing for the final countdown and the ultimate Heavenly spectacle of Jesus coming in the clouds for His bride and to announce a new Heavenly government. Whether you are a Christian from the day of your birth or minutes just before you die; the Heavenly promises apply and no one can take them from you. The sad thing about men and women who chose the way of a worldly prepper is that their lives will be as Adam and Eve who went into survival mode not having any assurance day to day. Yet, God made a simple way by the blood of Jesus to give them the assurances they crave. How ironic, that by rejecting and being stubborn to the message of Salvation that they will not now have the peace, fullness and protection despite all their human efforts.

Flush it Out! - Heavenly preppers are doers.

​​​​​April 12, 2016.

The Heavenly Prepper. 

With all the negative news around the world and countries mobilizing military troops and slogans like WW3, border control, and sovereign posturing; it’s no wonder many are preparing and expecting a nuclear holocaust. Many who are survivalist (preppers) are stockpiling and have established plans, methods and essentials to live through this ordeal. Yet, they do not know what kind of life will really exist during and after such tragedies. 

These individuals and families are generally non-believers of a life after death. In some cases, they are religious but are driven by fear, suspicion and mistrust of the government, church, and other people. They are depending on themselves to face whatever “darkness’ may come. What is certain is that man has always been driven (lead) into war with each other as individuals, families and countries. This should not surprise us as in the beginning and through man’s history there is a constant manipulation of events toward disasters whether man-made or natural.

The first ever recorded war is in the Heavens between satan and God resulting in dissension, rebellion and hatred and the loss of a third of the angels, not to mention any foundations that were laid to the organization and order of Heaven. We have to realize Heaven is a society and not somewhere we end up on clouds with a perpetual smile on our faces.