Letter to the Faithful - Dearest Beloved.

 I am the Lord of Salvation and no one but Me will have My Day. Am I not the God who saved My people and who now is all merged in one of the same by the Blood of My Son? Who can say they have been to the mountain of tears, pain and torment; but My Son. No! This darkness will not succeed nor will I suffer much longer the cries of My people. 

"For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth"

- Rm. 10:4.

The Christian Walk - Righteousness

God's purpose for man is Righteousness! God’s reason for Jesus is Righteousness! And God’s judgment not only on the fallen angels but the fallen man is Righteousness! For as stated; “your Kingdom comes”. God’s purpose has always been for a Righteous Kingdom, and to deny those who would attempt to circumvent it.

New Blog - The Two Witnesses.

Yes; God is love! But not of us but of His Kingdom. Sure; He sent His only begotten Son to save us but only based on a condition and acceptance as stated; “that whosoever believes in Him (Jesus) should not perish, but have everlasting life” - Jn. 3:16. We cannot expect God to suffer His Kingdom just so that we can have His mercy and Grace.

The Practical Christian - The Spirit

What is the Holy Spirit and how is He recognizable? The Holy Spirit in simple terms is the arm of God. He is the go-between of God’s seat; His authority which is the Word and those called to minister God’s Kingdom; including Angels and of course man.

Spiritual Awakening

The God Series - Long-Suffering

God said, “Where are you”? How many of us know that someone we have put our expectation in has purposely gone against our clear directives do we exercise patience; knowing they have no credible excuse or reason for their offense?