Letter to the Faithful

  Oct. 30, 2017.

The Christian Faith is forever Gloried as ordained by God through Christ Jesus and as such is constantly under attack by satan and those who by their lust has become darken and blinded by the world’s direction. Many are lost and will become lost because they have not heeded the Word whether in or outside the Faith. It is dark times and fear is and will become more rampant as the Day draws nigh, casting its insidious darkness on every corner of freedom gripping and strangling all opposition in its shadow. It is yet to become darker!

Letters to the Faithful.

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It has been the vision of this blog to seek Truth and Revelation of God; Jesus; and the Holy Spirit and to share with others to empower them in Christ Jesus; our Anointed Lord. To partake in the Kingdom’s work not as a slave under bondage but as a partner empowered by Grace and all that the Father has given as to an Heir; a son or daughter of His everlasting Kingdom of Light and Glory. To have His Hope of Glory in myself and others revealing God with the Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit. To be and have ChristnMe, Christnmenow and the experience this also in others.

After two years of the blog, I have received love, encouragement as well as hate from what has been shared having been called a heretic and even the spawn of the devil. In all; I have maintained the burden of the Christian Faith in love, wisdom, understanding, and compassion; believing in God’s call on my life and the passion of wanting all who having accepted Salvation and Jesus as Lord and Savior not to lose sight of the Glory to come, and as brother Paul mandates; to run the race and cross the finish line. Many have expressed the blog’s good work especially in God’s miracle of timing when faced with personal trials and tribulations. And that having been made the Righteousness of God; His Righteousness towards His own is revealed; vindicating all the efforts and concerns that come with being strong, obedient and committed to those in need. The work is not done and this blog will continue as dictated by the Holy Spirit.

With each proclamation of the sovereignty and the immutable omnipotence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit with God’s supreme will and leadership; the blog I believe has been targeted as others by those, not of the Faith for which it is counted as joy to be worthy of such ridicule, persecution, and marginalization. This should not surprise any of us who see social media as a platform to share with others of the Faith of light. Yet, by wisdom, we know this also will be restrained and eventually be denied for God especially since the citadel of freedom has relinquished the internet to the world. But Hope is not lost and nothing is impossible for God despite all of the world’s opposition. The Word will be revealed until the Word has come to claim His bride.

It has been my Faith that our readers will be strengthened, fulfilled and more so empowered into doing the greater things that we all have been called for and to once and for all to abandon that old rugged cross and embrace the empty grave including the Heavenly seats reserved for us. To walk by Faith and not by sight! The Empowered Christian will be reducing its presence on open and popular social media and other platforms that are precisely and quietly implementing gospel censoring. The blog will focus on posting on more solid ground in preparation for the storms to come and offer a form for those who choose and desire a more direct relationship with this blog.

As in the early church and with the Holy Spirit; we of the Faith must find ways to stay with and empower the Body of Christ, be it by fish, number or cross as we wait in full expectation of the trumpet’s call.