April 1, 2016.

The upside down man.

God is sovereign not because we worship Him, but because He is. It's acceptable when people reject Him, but for those of us that acknowledge Him we have no excuse when it comes to His precepts. This means all our actions including words are subjected to not only His judgement but also speaks to our level of Spiritual walk. We like to identify with things and people that define us and our character. This is put to the test especially during secular observances depending on the country or city we live in. The first quarter of each year, especially in North America, is filled with traditional days that many look forward to and revel in. The most common include New Years, Valentine and the Easter days. All these days are used as a reflection of our values. Unfortunately, many accept this without considering the impact it many have on their Spiritual lives.

April 1st is known as “All fools day”, and is a culmination and celebration of pranksters going about with the single intent of scheming scenarios that have their victims embarrassed, shamed and even convicted of things that they are not aware of. This is done all for selfish intentions at the expense of those innocent people. The origin of this day is unclear but with a Spiritual eye, it's not hard to see who the author behind it is. Some may say it's only “in all good fun” not realizing what they have done. If you every watch those shows of so-called funny videos; where people experience not only physical but also mental hurt from the prank put on them; usually have to smile from sheer embarrassment, knowing they are on television and are forced to be "good sports". Now, laughter is of God - Ps. 2:4; but not at the direct expense of His creations. Laughing at one's self due to "bloopers" is not pranking, but shows maturity and a sustainable self-image.

The prankster intent is to hurt and place their victims under the scrutiny of others. This is the devil and his works. All fools day is nothing short of satan using a device to kill, steal and destroy. He does this by placing twisted thoughts into many who are blinded to their actions. He kills by taking your joy, steals by taking one's dignity and destroys by tarnishing his victim's character. Now you say; it's just a joke and everyone enjoys it. People who say this are themselves afraid of the prankster and usually become angry when ridiculed by a prank. No one can sustain self-inflicted practical jokes as it affects their image of themselves. It's like looking into a mirror and calling yourself an idiot constantly. You eventually will believe your worth based on this image. Pranking is really an indication of immaturity. I remember as a child, there was a kid who really got my goat if you know what I mean. We started pranking each other. He sat beside me in class, so I decided to really do a prank, he would remember me by. Without thinking clearly, I placed a sharp pencil upright as he sat down thinking he would jump up as it touched his butt. Unfortunately, it pierced his scrotum. Ouch, that hurts! The only memory that stayed beside the obvious scream was that of the “whopping” I got from my teacher and then from my parents. Needless to say, the pranking stopped from both sides. Despite this, we remained friends. 

He, satan is a prankster and is devious with his many lies. One of his greatest prank on mankind is to confuse us as to our heritage as children of God. Our physical manifestation is linked directly to our Spiritual image. He, satan attacks this image by twisting the knowledge of what a man and woman are as defined by God. The strategic area of attack is gender identity. This is an age old battle since Genesis and is coming to its fulfillment today. The enemy goal has always been to destroy the identity of men and women; this is why God has commanded no sexual immorality. - 2 Tess. 4:3-5, not just homosexuality.Some claim because man is such a complex being it should not be disturbing that this is part of his evolution. Is this not ironic that such a highly intelligent creation is reduced to a summation of physiology and feelings. They continue this thesis by focusing on civil rights rather than the obvious inconsistencies of their doctrine. This twist on sex and love has existed for over six thousand years and has not evolved, but remains constant just like every other sin or lie.

LBGT is not about civil rights but evidence of man’s thinking being reduced to only a physical nature. This is satan destroying God’s work which starts with the image given to men and women. The bible is clear when it comes to God destroying this kind of nature starting with Noah's flood due to mutation of the human race by fallen angels - Gen. 6:2; to Sodom, where sexual immorality was rampant - Gen. 19:5; and now the last days - Lk. 17:26-29. All are an indication of God cleaning house and preserving His creation. The media and world are focusing on LBGTs only, but the Word put these and other deviations under the sin of sexual immorality. There is only one kind of sexual relationship acceptable and ordained by God. That is sex between one man and one woman. 

No matter how it is colored, it is all sexual immorality and unnatural relationships. Same sex, transgenderism, pornography, pedophiles, animal sex, sadistic sex, orgies, twisted sex; are all sin in His eyes because it's a deviation from His original decree of the sex practice and love relationship. Even when sex between a husband and his wife take on a form where the focus is entrapped by devices is sexual immorality, such as experiencing sexual satisfaction by induced physical pain such as tightening of ropes around the body.

Now, the civil problem does exist but should not be treated any different than any civil problem. All citizens have equal rights for the sake of the society, otherwise, it is anarchy. What man has allowed satan to do is to twist civil freedoms against the society requirement for order, equality and expressions. The society cannot exist unless its needs come first before those of individuals or groups. This is no different than uncontrolled drunkenness or drug use. Everyone has individual rights but is lost when it affects others who have and cannot maintain there own freedoms especially those of self-identity and safety. The law identifies criminals and pedophiles of the city, state, and nation. Even to the point of listing locations of pedophiles as a way of protection. All these crimes and undesirable traits are shunned as a breakdown of the human condition and the violation of others rights. Yet, LBGT is not considered a crime but has been elevated as individual rights for expressions. Isn't that ironic as the people who committed the other sexual crimes are doing the same self-expression, but has been labeled a criminal and a scourge against humanity! So why is LBGT deviously being assimilated into all aspects of society? Its aim is the destruction and disarray of humanity.

It is not difficult to realize that any sin especially those of sexual morality is birthed from the mind and ultimately a dark spirit. Under the right environment and truth, many have rid themselves of the bonds of sexual immorality whether homosexuality, pornography or other forms. When the focus is on Jesus and God, then sin has no power or control over us. Some say biology is a key factor as to why some are immoral with sex. Our biology is affected by outside influences especially from manmade products that affect nature's law and causes mutations not only within the cells but also affects our thinking; hence, the mutated minds caused by inappropriate chemical and electrical signals . Nature has its own DNA of order and evolution because it is a different class of creation which the main purpose is to flourish for man. We cannot compare how nature operates to our own creation and purpose.

To indulge such silly discussions, we only need to apply the island test. That is simply put; will a species survive in an environment which is conducive for life; with food, water, and shelter. For a reptile or certain bugs that can self-reproduce (become A-sexual) because on the stress to survive will be proved to pass the test. Humans are not designed as reptiles. If they do not follow the natural law to propagate, will end up extinct unless they break their own intellectual convictions to survive. Animals are driven by instinct while humans by thought. Because of their instinct, animals reproduce after their kind. Humans can only reproduce their kind by the correct copulation between a man and a woman. Any deviation to this is a violation of God's and nature's laws. In other words, a LBGT person cannot reproduce their own kind; other homosexuals,  transgenders, etc. from traditional mating. So with all being equal, this type of human "mutation" cannot sustain a society much less a species of human. A man driven by sin to exalt himself higher than God is looking to science to make his twisted sexual orientation to work, which ultimately will be abominations. It's interesting that movies are now focusing on "super heroes and villains" all with mutations which fuel the agenda for accepting of any human form that is not traditional and is not God's image.

Our fight with these individuals are not to be direct; but Spiritual, just like any other person who has and been blinded by satan. We are to love and treat them with compassion but never condone their sin and practices. Recently, I heard a pastor calling his congregation hypocritical because they were opposed to laws giving LBGTs equal rights especially in the church. He continued by saying, they are only accepted when they are part of the choir and other ministries, so the church should accept them completely. If this is the case, the church should readily welcome ever kind of sin into their pews. This is how insidious satan is. Just like adding a minute dose of arsenic (sin) to the body will eventually kill, steal and destroy ever characteristic that makes us God's. The church is governed by God's commandments and precepts and not by man's will to keep the peace.  We don't make the distinctions, God does and Jesus demonstrated in Matt. 21:12-13, "don't make God's house one of thieves"; meaning don't defame His Works by allowing sin into it. All sinners are welcomed into the church to hear the message of Salvation and repentance of sins. Once they have heard the message, they now must chose to either life or death.

He, satan is the greatness prankster looking to pull the wool over God's people at their expense and for his revelry; laughing at how many have swallowed whole or part many of his deceptions. All fools day is the label given to those fooled by deception falling into traps that defame and ridicule them, making them something to jeer at. We must be clear as to our stand on issues as the Word is clear those who practise and encourage sexual immorality (sin) has no place in the Kingdom of God and will be dealt accordingly in a similar fashion to those of Sodom and Gomorrah - 1 Corth. 6:9-20. Paul in verse 12 states, "regardless of the law, not to be controlled by such".

Flush it Out! - Love is unconditional but does not mean acceptance.

Spiritual Awakening

March 29, 2016.

P = E/T

There is nothing in this world that does not need some form of power and a formula to achieve it. In the late 80's, early 90's; "The Power song was produced with the catchy phrase - “I have got the power”. A high beat song where many saw has having the power to control and dominate their surroundings and even friends. It even makes reference to the devil and heaven. There is truth to this when we frame it with the proper attributes. How we see in our minds eye gives us the power over the good and bad in our lives. This power can be used by anyone for good or evil. It is when we are confused or unsure as to the direction of our lives and what statement we want to leave behind as a legacy that we are unsure and unable to accept the power available to us. The life of Job is a good example of what happens when we lose the clarity of our mind and subject ourselves to other powers - Job 3:25, "what I fear have come upon me". In the Spirit, there are "powers", an angel class; subjected to God and satan (his fallen angels) alike to do tasks that influence our decisions. When we allow these influences to direct our decisions, we essentially become the slave rather than the master of such spirits. Yes, the good angels are there for us  and are ready to be commanded by the power that lives in us. Everything on earth and in the heavens are subjected to the power we have been given.

Having or being around power brings confidence and in some cases an euphoria, giving a false sense of peace and fulfillment. The challenge is many do not first accept this, secondly don't take it and lastly don't apply it. It has no preference or partiality. Some may refer to it as faith but whereas this is about expectation and knowledge; power is about application. This is reflected in power formulas, but the simplest form is that of “power = energy / time". Where power is the result, energy our efforts and time the period we apply. Success is based on the proper energy and the consistent time we apply.

Power has been ordained by God not only for Himself but for us as well. We must get to the point in our attitudes and actions that we are His righteousness to be expressed on earth and that happens when we have His (the) power - Ex. 9:16, "to show in you, Godly Power". The historical matter is that Adam was given the power, lost it and then Jesus ransomed it back for us. So we can't hide the fact it is available to us. It's like a workman who has all the tools at his disposable but unwilling to do the work, not because he can't pick up the tool but more so he is unskilled in using the tool. It's in our hands as to how effective we will be in applying power. Power to overcome our circumstances, power to defeat the enemy (satan), power to build and even the power to destroy. Yes, destroy. Jesus demonstrated his power over the fig tree as well as that of satan and his evil spirits - Matt. 21:19, "the fig withered away"; Matt. 8:16, "Jesus cast out the spirits". We have this same power, only by recognizing it and applying it with correct attributes will we have the same results, just like the disciple, Paul - Acts 16:18, "to the spirit, I command you leave her, and the spirit left her the same hour".

There is physical power as well as spiritual power. Both are required. But wait, how can a “so-called weakling” have physical power? All power emanates from our thinking, so the strong, weak, young, old, and an average person all have the same magnitude of generating both kinds of power. This is referred to as leveraging. We see this in mechanical equipment where loads are lifted or moved with hydraulic pistons which are relatively small compared to the mass they are engaged with. God often use the weak, humble or the minimum to accomplish His goal to show Himself strong but also to teach size, quantity and strength are not prerequisites to applying Godly power and to win. 2 Kings 6:17 shows us with applied power, we need not be overcome by overwhelming circumstances. It is the David and Goliath example.

David was not only skilled in slinging a stone, but also, God developed him with a winning attitude and most importantly built his faith and confidence in a God he never saw but knew intimately. As a shepherd boy, his charge was to protect the sheep from predators. This can't be done without knowledge, wisdom and understanding of your task and by taking the time and efforts to learn and apply your trade in power. In addition, David spent days alone where his predestined image was developed by his work, his efforts and his meditations. This is part of what defines us more than a molecule which is subjected to outside forces. The power David demonstrated through his shepherd life was to prepare him for his role as king, as he traded sheep for people. This is the power of vision.

God is long term, we need to understand that, as we are being developed for His purposes and our benefits. Our power and God’s use of us is connected to the energy (not the quantity) and time we utilize in Kingdom business. This is no different when as a worker, we do a 8 hour work day. One worker gives the expected effort, another gives a higher quality of effort. Who do you think will get noticed by the overseer. The better worker gives from the heart rather than lip service. Ultimately, God rewards based on our heart, not our sweat. God will raise those who are humble in attitude, meaning not boastful or egocentric because of the knowledge, abilities or qualities they process. He raises you up when our heart matches our power - Ps. 147:6.

I have the power when the application of the formula is done with the right attitude and actions. This leads to righteous Faith. The power we achieve is limited by our own faith in it. This is why, Jesus talks about having a child like attitude - Matt. 18:3. Not to be childish in our thinking, but to be unhindered by outside influences and accept wholeheartedly the Word we hear. For most people, we willing accept negative words readily than positive words. This is because from birth others around us have also been influenced by fear, worry and anxiety. This cycle of the curse is perpetuated unknowingly by many. When we cry out from our heart unto God, He is Faithful to give us the power to win. God first action is always to separate us onto Himself, not because for selfish reasons, but so He can begin the process of empowerment. This we see with iconic men through the bible starting with Abram - Gen. 12:1, "go out from your country, and I will make you a great nation"; Joshua - Jos. 1:8, "meditate the Word"; and Jesus - Jn. 15:4, "abide in me and I in you". These men were doers not only thinkers. The result of having Godly power is visionary accomplishments. Abraham started a new nation, Joshua took the promise land and Jesus started Christianity. All operated with power.

Some have said they are satisfied and it's their role in their local church, even if it's an usher or cleaning of the church. Where is that scriptural, and why would God and Jesus both indicate we are to do great things. God told Adam to have dominion - Gen. 1:26, and Jesus told His followers they will do greater things - Jn. 14:12. You don’t move from milk to meat just to be subservient to anothers man desires. Now to be clear, I am not advocating we all go demanding a better role in our church or community. That would be unrighteousness. We are all one body working together in harmony. Our role for God is directly linked to our attitudes and actions as well as our attributes. Jesus was not only the Son of God, leader of men (by His actions and words) but many times got His hands dirty as a servant to others. John. 2:1-11, tells us Jesus availed Himself to other needs and John. 13:4-5, shows us despite being God's royal Son; Jesus washed the dirty feet of His apostles. What is being demonstrated is we are not limited in our role, but we limit ourselves with faulty thinking, false humility and other opinions of ourselves. A person can work as a janitor for minimum wage during the week and still fly a jet, because God made him wealthy to preach or minister on the week-end in far off places. We are put in places to express God's will, and not for our ego or status.  Our power of image is not determined by others impression about us, only by what we display and what comes from our attitudes and actions.

Effective power is what we ought to be after to achieve. The Word talks about four powers required to place ourselves in a righteous position to succeed.

- Power of God’s image - history and identity are essential to a person's foundation.
- Power of love - is a commandment to keep us centered to our tasks.
- Power of forgiveness - is a commandment so we are righteous before God and become an effective body on earth.
- Power of prayer - nothing happens without our words of Faith that enable Spiritual actions.

These form the foundation to walk, talk and act in this world as the righteousness of God taking dominion and crushing satan below our feet as Jesus showed us and did. All other powers, such as healing result from taking these four wholeheartedly and applying them in all our relationships. Four from biblical numerology is indicated as completion. This is seen from Genesis with creation having four seasons to Revelations, where four creatures worship God day and night. So our part with the Trinity; God, Jesus, Holy Spirit is the completion of His "A-Team"; the fourth component being a man. This has been His plan before the foundations of the earth.  

We are spiritual beings with physical work requiring Godly power. As God is vast and uncontainable by His power, so are we to expand our horizons by our power through our energies and time invested for Godly visions. God gave Adam this vision, to take dominion (control) and Jesus reiterated it by saying, "I give you power over the enemy" - Lk. 10:19. We have come full circle as to why our creation. The first place to use our energy (efforts) is to “seek first the Kingdom of God”. - Matt. 6:33. The amount of time in doing this determines our power effectiveness. This leads us to apply the power formula over and over again until we achieve power in our mind, body and spirit. We fill up to share (empty) only to be filled up again and continue the cycle.

God gave His power and by His power is the body of Christ. By this will all darkness of shame, timidity and fear be eradicated and all will be as Jesus is, where we have been given a standing invitation to sit in Heavenly places with God to be bold, righteous and “go about doing good” - Acts 10:38 as Jesus did.

Flush it out ! - There is no power until you squeeze the trigger.