"This is My son, Jesus; Listen to Him"

What Christians are asking

Lk. 9:35.


Study Series.

Spiritual Awakening

Letter to the Faithful -Be Sanctified !

For renewing of the mind, as Paul instructs is not a one-time event but a constant feeding of light to suppress and vacate any infringement of darkness into our bodies, minds, and spirits. With frustration, then appeal to the one who bore the very same things and overcame as we can overcome anything from this world. For in Christ, we can do all things. We are not alone.




Asking !


New Blog - Trusting God.

Jesus referred to her as a dog! But is compelled to Bless her not because of promise but because of her bold Faith that she displayed. She did not grovel nor did she bribe! She heard and recognized a change in Jesus’ ministry from that was demonstrated by the Pharisees.

Feature Blog -10 and Counting !

In the New Testament, Jesus not only clarified the original ten commandments under the two main and great commandments to love God and your neighbor, and in that order respectively; but decreed others. These are recorded by the main gospels and in the book of Acts. Now, it's not like they are decreed under the same scenario as in the days of Moses when God put His foot down

The Practical Christian Series - Marriage.

So as a husband and wife; each having their body as a Temple for God’s Spirit. They become the two witnesses for God’s works. For a husband and wife who are out of alignment and unity cannot effectively serve within a church being hypocritical to the things of Righteousness.