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The Practical Christian Series - Politics

The business of governance is the business of Righteousness regardless of our personal agenda or affiliations; because when men decide their politics based on biases; we invariable lead ourselves down a dark path of more disobedience to God and His Kingdom; often crucifying Christ over and over again because we have not taken all of His Salvation benefits.

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Feature Blog -Good not God Enough !

Good deeds are temporal but Righteous ones are lasting and carry with it Spiritual benefits. Jesus also made the statement, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word of God” - Matt. 4:4. This is like when we give food to the hungry but failing to empower them with the power of the Word is actually unrighteous because although we may have temporarily filled their stomachs, we left them in the slavery of their sins.

Letter to the Faithful -Be not Timid !

For where is timidity but in the ignorance of the Word and of the Glory that is promised through us who having been given Christ; is now the Hope of Glory to this dying world. Where dissension to the Word exists be bold in the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that is Righteously ours and place it under the Blood of Jesus.

New Blog - Rated R!

If God is perfect then His images are! When has God told us we are unworthy of Him and that we should grovel at His feet for fear of His wrath so that He receives sadistic pleasure from our inflictions? Yet, many who have accepted Christ are still in subjugation to their self-held beliefs that are more in tune to the deities of the world that demands fear and prostration for unrealized benefits except for more of the same abasements that aim to destroy any image in us of the one true God.