"And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long."

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The Practical Christian Series - The Call

Most Christians only believe that once saved; their prime purpose is to support the work of their pastor and church. They have become the tail by abandoning their right as an heir to God’s Earthly throne and authorities. Centuries of traditional teaching and subjugations have led to this misappropriation of Christ’s Blood.

Letter to the Faithful - Dearest Beloved.

 I am the Lord of Salvation and no one but Me will have My Day. Am I not the God who saved My people and who now is all merged in one of the same by the Blood of My Son? Who can say they have been to the mountain of tears, pain and torment; but My Son.

Feature Blog -  Jesus, the triune man. 

Jesus first act was not creation or even healing but leadership. He started by setting the tone of His ministry as a mere boy from age twelve by following the leading of the Spirit to “be about His Father’s business”, Later on at His baptism, He enforces it by stating to John what must be accepted and done to initiate His ministry with the taking and enacting the ordination from God.

Ps. 35:28.

New Blog - Arise!

How do you have Victory in this world? You become Christ! Whoa; did I just lose some of you? Consider this! When Jesus walked among men; He was recognized to have the Glory of God working through Him. And when He ascended; after Pentecost; not only the Apostles but Disciples of His teachings and examples were hailed to have the Glory of God working through them. Not the Glory of Jesus.


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