Spiritual Awakening

The God Series - LOVE.
But to think God is only LOVE is to miss all that embodies His character of thinking, acting, and implementing. All of which is done in LOVE. God does not need for us to tell Him He is LOVE. This is because He is self-contained and has no need for support to endorse His person nor does He need the worship, praise, and thanksgiving to build Him up as the champion of Righteousness.

The Practical Christian - confusion.
It is what you do with that question mark in your daily walk that matters. We are not designed to know everything but by the Spirit, we can have the Faith to overcome anything that we face. And because of Faith; by our confession, in that moment of confusion, many issues can be and are resolved. This is often linked with Spiritual discernment.

Letter to the Faithful - Have no fear!
Be strong by the foundations of the Word; in its might through Christ Jesus! Do you not yet accept your call of Light and the pleasure Anointed onto you by the Hand of God? For if you are but luke-warm; how can then His wings keep you from the beat of that scarlet woman of age? 

Study Series.

Blog - God is laughing!
The point of this Proverb and others similar to it is that without a Righteous perspective on the issues of life; one may become unlaughable, unprofitable, and alienated. Laughter is a gift from God to be used in a proper and respectful administration not only for the individual but for others in the world and especially for those within the Body of Christ.

The Christian Walk - Freewill.
God had no choice but to give us freewill because He wants sons and daughters who are Heirs and not slaves who only want comfort and welfare. The Heir is destined to know the King’s will but a slave only the King’s scrutiny.