"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"

What Christians are asking

The Practical Christian Series - Humility !

And before some quote the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the meek” which most scholars agree is not accurate but should be; “Blessed are the (gentle)”; presenting a complete different picture to be Blessed.

Feature Blog -I am Woman; hear me purr?

There are many more examples of a woman having an impact on God’s people and for His purpose. Women are by no means least in God’s Kingdom and have the ability by equity to earn places as a servant, teacher and leader within the church. She of God’s image does this by Grace for that is her prime quality and although often time not recognized by most men within the church

Prob. 9:10.

New Blog - The Law !

The Law of Life is for life! But does not supersede the construct that it operates in. This is the eternal and universal occurrence of force. So by their very nature of disposition; these fallen ones become slaves to the law of death having no Grace for their prodigal waywardness. They were given the high office of obedience for the Law of Life and having disowned their privilege cast themselves into the abyss of darkness; away from the eternal Light that God’s Throne provides.


Study Series.

Spiritual Awakening

Letter to the Faithful -To be Christ !

Christ purposefully determined to agitate those of the world and those who claimed Him as a prize. How much more are we the Body to do? Do we fear the world or do we Christ?




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